Possible Futures

Plans for the Coming Year

  • Reach out to the Ethiopian Diaspora in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.
  • Visit the Korome school in order to more deeply understand their needs.
  • Expand our support for the Airer school and teachers.
  • Explore reliable, cost effective options for sending useful things to Ethiopia.
  • Establish the Book Brigade.
  • Explore options for buying books in Ethiopia.
  • Engage Father George to see how we can support his projects.
  • Establish partnerships with NGOs working in and around Harar… in order to contribute to their projects and to learn from their experiences.
  • Continue to cultivate personal relationships with local government officials… in the fields of water, agriculture, commerce, health, and education.
  • Understand how the government interfaces with displaced people and vice versa.
  • Can you think of some others?

Ideas that are still in the Brainstorming and Fact-Finding Phase

  • Expand the book brigade idea to hand carry things of value (cameras, computers, educational materials) from donors to recipients.
  • Pen Pals… with American school kids.
  • Photo Pals (collect point and shoot cameras in good working order with spare batteries, chargers, and any accessories you think might be useful.)
  • Creative uses of technology?
  • Explore opportunities for self-education.
  • Do not just think basic needs and survival… also think enrichment: arts, dance, music, computing, photography, video production.
  • Scholarships to send the best students to University with the understanding that they will return to and reinvest in their communities.
  • Facilitate opportunities for volunteers to work directly on the projects.
  • Do you have any ideas to share?

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