Operating Principles

Our commitment to “small is beautiful” projects embraces the following operating principles:

  • Think “big picture, small deeds”.
  • Emphasize simple, low-cost projects that have HUGE impact.
  • Emphasize low to zero maintenance projects that are inherently sustainable.
  • Keep it simple. No bureaucracy. No infrastructure.
  • Render service irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, creed, or gender.
  • Provide opportunities to thrive and dream without imposing a value system upon those we are serving.
  • Provide opportunities that are self-sustaining and have the power to multiply… where one becomes ten… and ten becomes one hundred.
  • Act in true community, not just for the people we are helping, but with them as active partners, not passive recipients.
  • Spend every penny donated directly and totally on the project as earmarked by the donor, no exceptions.
  • Tell the stories of the people we are serving so that donors can get to know them as real human beings, not merely statistics.
  • Share project results in words and images so that donors can see the very tangible impact of their generosity.

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