Mission Statement

the-ethiopia-projects-mission-statement-1Transform the lives of tens, hundreds, thousands of people…

… from stories of isolation, poverty, disease, and desperation… to stories of self-sufficiency, power, and hope… by putting a human face on their plight… and by empowering caring individuals to contribute in small ways… one dollar, one goat, one pencil, one book at a time… create opportunity, hope, and self-determination where they are currently in short supply.




  • Help people do more than survive. Give them the chance to dream and thrive and to become leaders and resources themselves.
  • Send the message to those we are serving, especially to the children, that they are loved and valued.
  • Move the conversation about the plight of those less fortunate from the abstract macro-scale to the concrete micro-scale.
  • Build bridges of understanding and trust across ethnic, religious, socio-economic, and national boundaries.
  • Cultivate a passionate learning and service community comprised of caring and creative individuals who are free to self-organize and act without sanction or bureaucratic constraint.
  • Overcome feelings of powerlessness in the face of seemingly intractable problems in the developing world, by making it fun and easy for caring individuals to contribute.
  • Serve as a living model for what is possible when small groups of caring people freely associate and pool their energies and resources for the common good.

Project Scope

Anything that creates opportunity to live a hopeful and fulfilling life is on the table:

  • Basic Needs (safe drinking water, food security, health care)
  • Education (from basic literacy through university studies)
  • Economic Development (self-sufficiency beyond subsistence farming)
  • Utilities (energy, lights, communications)
  • Enrichment Programs (art, dance, music, photography, video production)

LEARN MORE… Core Values

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