Why Ethiopia?

  • Ethiopia is an oasis of relative stability and peace… surrounded by some very unstable and often dangerous places (Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, South Sudan, Kenya, Yemen).
  • Ethiopia is ethnically and religiously diverse, with a culture of relative tolerance. Such diversity is a source of synergy & stability.
  • Ethiopia has a fast-growing economy with lots of entrepreneurship and a rapidly-developing infrastructure that supports this growth.
  • Ethiopia has a national pride reflected in modern, stable institutions such as Ethiopian Airlines and Dashen Bank.
  • Ethiopia is outward-looking and receptive to partnering with investors from the developed world.
  • The well-educated Ethiopian Diaspora in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East is a huge potential resource of means and knowledge.

Is “The Ethiopia Projects” an NGO and does it have 501c3 tax-exempt status?

In order to preserve its “small is beautiful” ethic…. and in order to invest every ounce of time and energy and means on the people we are serving without administrative overhead, “The Ethiopia Projects” is not a registered NGO, does not have tax-exempt status, and has no immediate plans for filing as such.

How much of my donation goes to the people it is intended to help?

100%. There are zero overhead costs. Every penny you donate goes directly and totally to the project and purpose that you designate, no exceptions.

Does “The Ethiopia Projects” accept material donations?

Unfortunately, no. Because of the extreme logistical difficulties and prohibitive costs involved in shipping goods to Ethiopia, no material donations are being accepted at this time. That said, some creative solutions are being explored to address this very real problem. Stay tuned for further developments.

What else would you like to know?
Please ask in the comments section below.

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