Welcome to The Ethiopia Projects!

Welcome to The Ethiopia Projects, an evolving suite of “small is beautiful” service projects in and around the ancient city of Harar, Ethiopia.

By sharing the untold and moving stories of those less fortunate and of the inspiring people who are serving them, we hope that “The Ethiopia Projects” do more than inform and collect donations. These projects are also an adventure in community-building, empowerment, and global solidarity.

And by embracing a “small is beautiful” approach, we hope to overcome feelings of powerlessness in the face of seemingly intractable problems in the developing world… by making it fun and easy for caring and creative individuals to self-organize and act in a way that is direct, focused, personal, and unencumbered by bureaucratic constraints.

There are many exciting places to visit and inspiring people to meet, but this will not happen all at once. It will take many “cups of tea” that will be served in due time. Please follow the unfolding journey of “The Ethiopia Projects”… and consider getting involved by contributing your time, treasure, and talents. No contribution is too small. In fact, small is beautiful.

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